I was born and raised in Reno, NV. I always liked entertaining people . . . I use to lip synch in a bikini in my friends garage and we would charge the neighborhood boys money to watch . . . so of course, I tried to be as sexy as I could, for a kid . . . HA . . . HA . . . HA. I loved fashion magazines and models too. I just thought they had such an exciting life. So, I started dancing right out of high school at J's topless bar in Reno. The money was great and I had total fun preparing my costumes for stage. I had to keep it a total secret because I didn't want my parents to find out . . . HA . . . Ha . . . Ha, that was very short lived and I wanted "bigger and better", so I checked out of Reno and into San Francisco. I started dancing at Big Al's and boy, was that an experience. I soon found out about the Mitchell Bros. Theater, Fantastic Club and I recommend you check it out! While living in San Francisco, I became very interested in the fetish scene. I was looking through a fetish newspaper and saw an ad. for girls needed for spanking videos . . . it snowballed from there and I met Bruce Seven where I really got my start in professional adult videos. I had fun working with people like Bambi Love, Samantha Winters, Jammie Gillis, Tommy Byron, Felecia, Alexis Payne, Tammy Monroe, Tianna and others. I'm very adventurous in general and decided to check out Las Vegas a few years later. I ended up at the Palomino club, where I met Skye Blue. I got into her Jag and that began my trip down kinky lane! Besides Skye, some of my favorite people to work with are Dik Silver, Kandi Cox, Jewell Marceau, Anastasia Pierce, Leah Love, and Tanya DanielleWhen I'm not on the road, I like to go camping, snorkeling, rollerblading, getting pierced, long luxurious baths, naps with my cat and cuddling on the couch with my pitbull Diamond.


Summer Cummings